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A Most Scenic and Relaxing Way to Get to Gujo Hachiman


For those who believe that getting there is half the fun", the Nagara River Railway offers a scenic and leisurely way to get to Gujo Hachiman from Nagoya via Mino Ota. Named as one of the 5 Must-Ride Local Lines in Japan, the train winds its way along the beautiful Nagara River, north from Mino Ota towards Gujo Hachiman, and then continues north to Shirotori, and the northern terminus at Hokuno.

Kuroneko Livery Nagara River Rialway train

The diesel powered "One Man Car" offers a unique and memorable rail experience, especially for tourists more accustomed to the sleek and aircraft-like shinkansen, and other fast local line trains.


Nagara River Railway trains often sport themed liveries. The latest include a GJ8Man theme (as seen above) and a combined Nagara River Railway and Yamato Delivery Service (a.k.a. "Kuroneko") dual livery.


A Luxurious New Way to Travel to Gujo Hachiman


Starting in Spring 2016, the Nagara River Railway has introduced a new and luxurious way to get to Gujo Hachiman from Mino Ota. The "Nagara" is a specially designed train that offers guests premium services including French and Italian themed bento meals, coffee and dessert service, luxurious first class seating and more! Train attendants will also narrate the trip, pointing out the most scenic sights along the way.


The Nagara runs three times weekly, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between Mino Ota and Gujo Hachiman. The train departs Mino Ota at 10:40 am heading north towards Gujo Hachiman arriving at 12:16 pm.

Tickets: regular fare plus a 500JPY surcharge. Meal service charges: dinner: 12,000JPY (return fare included), Dessert and coffee 5,000JPY (return fare included). The service is very popular and reservations are required. More information (Japanese language only) can be found at http://www.nagatetsu.co.jp

Please note: JR Rail passes are not valid on the Nagara River Railway, but passengers can easily change to the Nagara River Railway from JR services at Mino Ota.


Gujo Hachiman Station

The route from Mino Ota to Gujo Hachiman has twenty-six stops, including Gujo Hachiman. It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, and is an inexpensive and relaxing way to see some of the beautiful towns and villages along the famous Nagara River. The train is often uncrowded, and offers a chance to meet local people in a non-tourist setting.


Gujo Hachiman's historic centre is a short fifteen minute walk from Gujo Hachiman station. Visitors with luggage may find it more convenient to take a taxi, or the Mame (local town) bus into the historic town centre.

Train in Gujo Hachiman Station in the snow


Getting to Gujo Hachiman by Nagara River Railway from Nagoya

Take the JR line from Nagoya to Mino Ota. At Mino Ota transfer to the Nagara River Rail line in the same station. Trains depart more frequently in the morning and later afternoon. Please note that the Nagara River Railway does not accept JR Rail passes. A one way fare from Mino Ota to Gujo Hachiman is 1,350 JPY.


The scenic Nagara River Railway route crosses the Nagara River several times giving passengers scenic and panoramic views of the river and surrounding area. These "postcard" worthy views cannot be seen when travelling along the Tokai Hokuriku Highway, and offer unique photographic opportunities to tourists and photographers alike.

The Nagara River railway also offer a variety of tourist packages, including a cycling train. You can find out more at their website.


The journey from Mino Ota to Gujo Hachiman by rail is especially beautiful in the Spring where you can see many cherry blossom trees blooming along the Nagara River.



Visit Nearby Mino

Visitors wishing to visit the nearby historic town of Mino, famous for producing Japanese washi paper, can easily reach Mino from Gujo Hachiman by Nagara River Railway.


The Nagara River Railway Mino Station is a short walk from Mino's historic town centre, and visiting Mino is an easy day-trip from Gujo Hachiman.


Travel Planning

The Nagara River Railway typically offers 12 daily departures from Mino Ota to Gujo Hachiman (please check the schedule to confirm travel times). Extra service is typically added during Gujo Odori season.

Visit the Nagara River Railway Website (Japanese Only)



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