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GJ8Man Drawing

GJ8Man is the playful anime creation of well known Japanese manga artist Sakura Momoko. She fell in love with Gujo Hachiman and its people and created GJ8Man as an homage to the town and its simple way of life.

In recent years Sakura Momoko was a frequent visitor to Gujo Hachiman, and drew her inspiration for GJ8Man's adventures from daily life, the town's festivals, and other activities around town.

In GJ8Man, the main character is Gorou Joe, a young boy who lives in Gujo Hachiman. One day, an old self-professed "water fairy" appears in front of Joe, tells him to help people, and grants him the power to turn into "GJ8 Man". You can watch GJ8Man's adventures on GJ8Man's website and on GJ8Man's YouTube channel.

When visiting Gujo Hachiman you may see small notices posted in front of places that appeared in various GJ8Man episodes. Here you can scan the QR code on the notice and watch the episode on YouTube. (Hint: there is one at the Kinenkan Tourism Centre)

Sadly, Sakura Momoko died from breast cancer in August 2018. She is dearly missed by the people of Gujo Hachiman, and her legacy lives on in the many characters she created, including GJ8Man and the happiness she brought to so many people.


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