GUJO HACHIMAN IS best experienced on foot! You can easily walk just about anywhere in the town!

Download a city map (file size 2.2MB) or check out the two self guided walking tours below. Each self-guided walking tour includes a full set of detailed instructions and a detailed map in PDF format that can be downloaded and printed.

Gujo Hachiman Kinenkan Tourist Centre
Gujo Hachiman Kinenkan Tourist Centre
Yanagi Machi street view
Consider purchasing a two-day midokoro tegata "visitor passport" which gives the holder unlimited access to many of the town's tourist attractions, including shrines, temples and museums, for one low fixed price JPY 1,500 as of November 2008), about half of what individual admissions would cost. The passport is available from the Gujo Hachiman Tourism Association Kinenkan office.
Historic Yanagi Machi street view  
New Self-Guided Walking Tours

Two self-guided walking tours are available for download. Each has a different focus, and is an enjoyable way to spend a morning or afternoon discovering Gujo Hachiman.


1. Historic Town Walk

(allow approximately 2 hours, longer if you plan to visit Gujo Hachiman castle)

Discover the old town, temples, the castle, and other notable attractions including various museums and art galleries. Walk along narrow traditional streets with many Kyoto style homes and businesses and soak in over 400 years of history. This tour is a good way to see many of the most popular tourist attractions in Gujo Hachiman.

Download the Self-Guided Tour (file size 3.48MB) with Map in PDF format

Saisho Ji Dai Mon

Saisho Ji Dai Mon



2. Riverwalk Tour (allow approximately 1 hour)

The beautiful Yoshida River runs through the heart of the historic town centre. A walk beside the river offers unique views of the town and is a wonderful way to refresh your senses! Riverside walks along the Yoshida River are particularly beautiful in the Spring when the cherry tress are in bloom, and are very enjoyable in the Summer and Autumn, especially early in the morning or at dusk.

Download the Self-Guided Tour (file size 2.55MB) with Map in PDF format

Yoshida Riverside walk Spring view

Yoshida River riverside walk Spring view


Art Galleries and Museums

THERE ARE SEVERAL small interesting museums and art galleries to visit including Yudokan Art Gallery, an art gallery featuring origami; Saito Museum a tea ceremony museum; Omodakaya Museum a folk craft museum; and Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan/City Museum which chronicles the city's history including the history of the Gujo Odori Dance festival. There are also several traditional craft workshops including Watanabe Indigo Dyer and Shima Bamboo Crafts which are open to visitors but on a limited basis.

Yodokan Art Gallery - home of local artist Masao Mizuno

Yudokan Art Gallery - home of local artist Masao Mizuno


Food Replica Shop
Few people know that the plastic "food sample", seen outside virtually every restaurant in Japan was invented in Gujo Hachiman. Visitors to Gujo Hachiman have a unique opportunity to visit where food samples for approximately 80% of restaurants in Japan are made.

Food Replica Shop


  Be sure to try your hand at making something! Beginners can try to make a lettuce leaf or shrimp tempura. There is also a shop where you can buy many different samples to take home with you. A truly unique gift for friends and family back home.
It looks good enough to eat!!!    
Special Interest Tours and Trips

Otaki Shonyudo - a network of underground caves and a waterfall. Visit this 800m long cave and see the 30m high waterfall - the tallest underground waterfall in Japan! Self-guided tour is available. See a 360 degree interactive panorama of the waterfall on the Virtaul Tour Page.

Admission: Daily 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, 1,000 Yen


Jomon Shonyudo - these stunning underground caves were used during prehistoric times as shelter. The only light is from the flashlight you carry with you on your self-guided tour! (Can be scary!)

Admission: Daily 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, 500 Yen


Miyama Shonyudo - A cool place to visit on a hot summer day. This cave is home to bats and various insects that can easily be seen during a self-guided tour.

Admission: Daily 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, 800 Yen

Nearby Sightseeing Trips
GUJO HACHIMAN is ideally located for visitors who also want to visit UNESCO World Heritage Shirakawa Go village, historic Hida Takayama, or the japanese rice paper town of Mino. All can be easily reached from Gujo Hachiman by bus.  
Shirakawa Go Village (a UNESCO world Heritage Site)
Historic Hida Takayama (Spring & Autumn festival cart)
Mino, home of Mino washi, Japanese rice paper